Kuala Lumpur, Feb 22 — In the continued pursuit for economic sovereignty, the Independent & Sovereign Nation State of Hawai‘i announced the launch of the Nation of Hawai‘i Chamber of Commerce, signed into act on February 3, 2022 by Nation of Hawaii Head of State, Pu’uhonua D.K.B. Kanahele and Nation of Hawai‘i Minister of Foreign Affairs and Treasury, M. Youcef Ihaddaden.

A ceremony to commemorate the launch and announcement of the Malaysia Chapter of the Nation of Hawai‘i Chamber of Commerce was held in Kuala Lumpur on the auspicious day of 2.22.22, signifying a new beginning for economic development and growth between Malaysia, the Nation of Hawai‘i and abroad.

Nation of Hawai‘i Head of State, Pu’uhonua D.K.B. Kanahele addressed a crowd of business officials and future economic development partners via live streaming video feed from Pu’uhonua O Waimanalo late Monday Night. “We are very happy and excited to strongly work on the economic development and trade and commerce that Hawaii once had with countries all over the world.”  Kanahele proclaimed. 

“This is not new to the Hawaiian people but it was sleeping all this time and we would like to reconnect with all of you, with the Spirit of Aloha”

Incoming Chapter President, Mr. Soo Chin Leong will serve the Nation of Hawai’i Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia, leading policy for the protection and promotion of the Nation’s economy and culture. Economic Counselor, Mr. Mun Kok Hing will assist Mr. Leong in ensuring a robust, secure, resilient, and innovative economy that the Nation of Hawai’i can rely on to fulfill current and future economic requirements.

The Chambers of Commerce are public institutions under the auspices of the Ministries of Commerce, Foreign Affairs & Treasury that carry out activities to serve the interests of financial institutions, FinTech, digital business, communications, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, crafts, and surrounding industries.

“We come together today optimistic for the year and the future because the state of Nation of Hawaii business is resilient in the face of significant challenges, including a global pandemic and economic crisis. We thank you very much for starting a fresh business with the Nation of Hawaii and for us to have open arms in intertwining our businesses, minds and leadership.” said Nation of Hawai‘i Minister of Foreign Affairs and Treasury, M. Youcef Ihaddaden, via live video.

The Chambers of Commerce are responsible for the establishment of relationships with economic sources inside and outside the country for the development and improvement of national enterprises and the economy in general.

In addition, the Chambers of Commerce shall provide opinions on draft regulations in the areas of economics and commerce, fee/tax schedules, planned revisions of laws on customs and determination of customs tax rates.

To read the full Chambers of Commerce Act: https://www.nationofhawaii.org/gazette/nation-of-hawaii-chambers-of-commerce-act/