Government and Constitution

Nation of Hawaii Fact Book

D. GOVERNMENT (Government)


1. Status of Territory;

In the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai`i lives the Kanaka Maoli.

We have resided here forever, from time immemorial. We have displaced no other people. We, the Kanaka Maoli, are the original inhabitants and occupants of these Islands. We have always been in possession of our Land and are entitled to re-establish our Independent and Sovereign Nation.

The current citizens of the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai`i consist of all those who are descendants of the Kanaka Maoli prior to the arrival of the first westerners in 1778, and those persons, and their descendants who have lived in Hawai`i prior to the illegal overthrow, invasion and occupation of January 17, 1893, in the area which now constitutes the Archipelago of the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai`i.

The Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai`i will establish procedures for according citizenship by means of naturalization to all people who are habitual residents of Hawai`i as of today’s date.


The Hawaiian Independence Flag consists of three horizontal bars, white, gold, and black (top to bottom), with the black and white each occupying one quarter of the flag, and the gold filling the central half. In the center of the gold rests a purple kahili.

The white and black bars represent the balance of all things – Heaven and Earth, night and day, the positive and negative. The gold represents the entire human `ohana (family), with precious life as pure as golden light. The purple represents the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Na Kanaka Maoli, caretakers of the Spirit of Aloha. The Kahili is an ancient symbol of communication between Heaven and Earth, inspiring leadership of the `ohana. The Kahili is embraced by La`i, leaves of Ti, a sacred plant of Hawai`i with powers of spiritual protection and healing.

2. Constitution, legislative act or executive order providing for government

November 23, 1993 – U.S. Public Law 103-150, the Apology Resolution

January 16, 1995 – Nation of Hawaii Constitution

Executive Order 95-001 The Refuge Act

Executive Order 95-002 The National Passport Act

Executive Order 95-003 The National Tribunals Act

Executive Order 95-004 The National Monetary System Act


Nation of Hawaii’s mission is to restore, maintain and preserve the sophisticated religion, language and culture of the Native Hawaiian people, who prior to the overthrow, lived in a highly organized, self-sufficient, subsistent social system based on Communal Land Tenure. (pre-mahele)