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Nation of Hawai’i Declares Economic Independence on 28th Anniversary of The Apology Resolution

On this 28th anniversary of the signing, The Nation of Hawai’i is pleased to share recent developments towards creating a flourishing independent Hawaiian economy, and to announce the establishment of the Nation of Hawai’i Central Bank.

by Nation of Hawaii • November 23, 2021

Nation of Hawaii Live: Citizenship Q&A, Episode 1

Replay: Question and answer session about Nation of Hawaii citizenship with Nation of Hawaii Deputy Head of State, Brandon Makaawaawa and Head of state, Puuhonua B. Keiki Kanahele.

by Nation of Hawaii • November 10, 2020

Nation of Hawai’i Opens Road to Citizenship Ahead of First Ever Democratic Elections

For the first time in 25 years, the Nation of Hawai’i is accepting and encouraging digital applications for citizenship from Kanaka –whether residing in Hawai’i or abroad– and non-Kanaka. The innovative driving force behind this citizenship drive, which is an integral part of the first ever Nation of Hawai’i democratic elections in 2021, is the establishment of a trailblazing government blockchain.

by Nation of Hawaii • November 3, 2020

On This Day in 1987: Hawaiians Occupy Empty Makapu’u Houses

On June 13, 1987, Pu’uhonua Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele led his extended family in the reclamation and occupation of their family lands at Makapu’u point, kicking off the movement that established the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Hawai’i.

by Nation of Hawaii • June 13, 2019