International Team

Executive, Advisors and Appointments

Revised: December 7, 2023


Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele is a prominent figure in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, advocating for the restoration of an independent nation-state for Hawai’i. His involvement dates back to the 1980s, where he gained national attention through key events such as the Makapu’u Lighthouse land occupation and a prayer vigil at Iolani Palace, which led to his arrest.

In terms of his professional background, Kanahele recognized the limitations of state and federal mandates and served on the Sovereignty Advisory Commission. His objective was to address the implications of the US Public Law 103-150 Apology Mandate, acknowledging the Native Hawaiian people’s right to restore their independent nation-state. After hearing Professor Francis Anthony Boyle’s legal analysis and resigning from the Commission, Kanahele joined forces with the Kupuna council, with advice from Professor Boyle to actively work towards proclaiming the restoration of Hawaii’s independence.

In his leadership roles as the Head of State for the Independent & Sovereign Nation State of Hawai’i, Kanahele played a pivotal role in advocating for self-determination and self-governance under international law for Native Hawaiians. He actively participated in state and federal government-sponsored constitutional conventions and legislative processes.

Kanahele’s achievements include negotiating a 55-year lease for 45 acres of land in Waimanalo through his role as the CEO of Aloha First, a nonprofit organization. The lease included a transitional clause allowing for the transfer of the land to the sovereign Nation of Hawai’i, benefiting Native Hawaiians in their pursuit of independence.

His global advocacy extends beyond Hawai’i, as he serves on the Board of Directors of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), contributing to its mission of restoring political, economic, social, educational advancement, and just treatment for aboriginal, native, and indigenous peoples worldwide.

As President and Head of State for the Nation of Hawai’i, Kanahele spearheads efforts to establish international treaties of perpetual peace, constant friendship, and economic cooperation. These initiatives prioritize critical infrastructure development in areas such as energy, communications, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and housing, with a focus on addressing the needs of homeless and houseless communities.

Despite notable accomplishments, Kanahele and the Nation of Hawai’i face ongoing challenges in their mission to restore the Independent Nation of Hawai’i that was destroyed in 1893 due to persistent institutional barriers. Kanahele continues to engage in global outreach, promoting perpetual peace, constant friendship, and Aloha throughout America, Europe, and Asia, with a particular focus on Malaysia, India, Nepal, and China. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated unwavering love for his country, dedicating his life to the pursuit of justice, sovereignty, and perpetual peace for the people of Hawai’i.


Mr. Brandon  Makaawaawa

Vice President / Housing

Mr. Weston N. Kanahele

1st Vice President / Treasury

Mr. John Kealoha Garcia 2nd Vice President / Foreign Affairs / Commerce
Mrs. Natasha Pnut Kanahele Senior Executive Advisor to the Head of State
Mr. Keiki Kanahele-Santos Senior Executive Advisor to the Head of State
Mr. Gordon Kaaihue Deputy Director of National Security
Mrs. Lindsay K. Pakele Senior Executive Advisor to the Head of State
Dr. David J. Barton, MD Surgeon General
Ms. Peggy Liu Senior Executive Advisor/ International Relations
Ms. Carole Lieu Senior Executive Advisor to the Head of State
Mr. Robert Holmes Senior Executive Advisor to the Head of State
Mr. Henry Berbar Director Communications & Presidential Protocol
Ms. Grace Lum Press Director
Mark Dulog Senior Executive Advisor for Finance Investments
Sean Combs Executive Advisor for Finance and Technology
Jena Crawley Ambassador to Japan
Makoto Ichiyama Economic Attaché to Japan
Mr. Willie Cowart Minister Plenipotentiary
Mr. Tanaka Sensei Koshiro Senior Advisor, International Peace & Security


NOH Ministry of Afterlife Care

Richard Ledford

NOH Ministry of Agriculture

Kevin Flanagan

NOH Ministry of Commerce

John Kealoha Garcia

NOH Ministry of Communication

Raul Nohea Goodness
NOH Ministry of Culture and Arts

Tonu Shane

NOH Ministry of Defense

NOH Ministry of Education

Marcamela “Juna” Dulog

NOH Ministry of Energy

Arlen Flanagan
NOH Ministry of Environment

Meredith Brooks

NOH Ministry of Foreign Affairs

John Kealoha Garcia

NOH Ministry of Health & Wellness

Dr. Cimone Kamei

NOH Ministry of Housing

Brand Makaawaawa

NOH Ministry of Human Services


NOH Ministry of Interior

John P. Kirkley
NOH Ministry of Justice


NOH Ministry of Labor


NOH Ministry of Land & Natural Resources

Kealii Frank

NOH Ministry of Transportation

Mike Stanley
NOH Ministry of Treasury

Weston Kanahele

NOH Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Jason Hanley

NOH Ministry of Water Supply



H.E. Wong Kok Wai

Central Bank Governor / Ambassador At Large

H.E. Derrick Kok Wei

Consul General, Beijing, China

Senior Executive Advisor on Digital Economy, Technology and Tourism

H.E Tejendra Sharma Poudel

Ambassador, Nepal

H.E. Noël Roland Francois Denis Melet

Consul General, France

Mr. Henry Berbar Abdelhalim Reda

Director Communications & Presidential Protocol

Ms. Grace Lum

Press Director

H.E. Yong Yeow Wei

Honorary Consul General, Cambodia

H.E. Abdul Khader Sowkathali

Honorary Consul General, Chennai, India

H.E. Xiaomin Wang

Director Representative of Asia, Nation of Hawai’i Central Bank

Director of the National Overseas Development Agency

Dr. Chen Fock Siong

Honorary Consul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dato Seri Mohamad Shahrun Bin Osman

First Secretary for Nation of Hawaii Consulate, Malaysia
Chow Kok Hing

Honorary Consul, Cambodia

Datuk Hassan Bin Saad

Honorary Consul, Selangor, Malaysia

Lim Boon Tatt

Honorary Consul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Daniel Chae Ho Cheol

Honorary Consul, South Korea

Dato Mohamad Zahari Hi. Awang, Prince of State

Chancellor & Advisor on Economic Affairs to the President


Nation of Hawaii’s mission is to restore, maintain and preserve the sophisticated religion, language and culture of the Native Hawaiian people, who prior to the overthrow, lived in a highly organized, self-sufficient, subsistent social system based on Communal Land Tenure. (pre-mahele)