National Sovereignty Restoration

Whereas the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands.

The village of Pu’uhonua O Waimanalo is the first of it’s kind, a land base for the developing sovereign Hawaiian nation was born out of struggle and out of hope.

The Native Hawaiian people are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations, our ancestral territory, and cultural identity in accordance with our spiritual and traditional beliefs, customs, practices, language and social institutions.

Nation of Hawaii Living Lab

In partnership with MIT Researchers, the Nation of Hawaii Living Lab will be a user-centered, open-innovation ecosystem, operating in a territory, applying concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private-people partnership to induce co-creation by integrating research and innovation processes.

Transitional Provision, Article 17

61. Transition. In the event that a sovereign entity, i.e. a sovereign nation of Hawaii, is established for the benefit of native Hawaiians prior to the expiration and/or termination of this lease term (55 years lease term), Lessor may give due consideration to transferring and/or conveying the premises herein to such newly established sovereign entity to be used for the benefit of native Hawaiians — March 29, 2001


Nation of Hawaii’s mission is to restore, maintain and preserve the sophisticated religion, language and culture of the Native Hawaiian people, who prior to the overthrow, lived in a highly organized, self-sufficient, subsistent social system based on Communal Land Tenure. (pre-mahele)