Pu’uhonua O Waimanalo, ‘Oahu – In response to the devastating wildfire that has swept through Lāhainā, Aloha First, the non-profit arm of the and the Nation of Hawai‘i is working to bring direct disaster relief efforts to affected communities and Maui ’Ohana. The relief efforts aim to provide immediate assistance and support for those affected by the disaster.

Aloha First, in partnership with international partners from the Nation of Hawai‘i, have taken a proactive stance in addressing the urgent needs of the impacted communities. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Nation of Hawai‘i has rallied humanitarian resources from our global partners to contribute to the emergency relief efforts.

One of the crucial collaborations involves teaming up with AWS global humanitarian and disaster relief teams. Together, the deployment innovative disaster relief solutions, including advanced communication systems and off-grid energy solutions demonstrates a commitment to immediate relief and the sustainable recovery of the affected areas.

The joint effort also involves international coordination, with partners from various corners of the globe stepping forward to provide support. Financial contributions, essential emergency products such as tents and temporary shelters, and vital sustenance like food are being coordinated through the Hawaii Foodservice Alliance, showcasing a global network coming together to aid the disaster-stricken region.

As the relief efforts continue, the focus remains on long-term planning and community support. Aloha First and the Nation of Hawai‘i are dedicated to not only addressing the immediate aftermath but also ensuring the affected communities receive the resources, organization, and tools required for sustainable recovery. The spirit of aloha, which underscores the deep-rooted values of unity and support, serves as the guiding force behind these relief endeavors.

Together, Aloha First and the Nation of Hawai‘i stand firm in the commitment to provide comprehensive disaster relief and recovery solutions. Through collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and a global network of partners, the aim is to help our Maui communities rebuild and restore their lives.

Contribute directly to the Maui Fire Disaster Relief Fund, here: NationofHawaii.org/KokuaMaui