November 7, 2022. Waimanalo, Oahu, Nation of Hawaii — Today President Puuhonua Kanahele announced the issuance of the Hawaii Dollar, also known as HI. “The Hawaii Dollar marks the first step in the journey to economic sovereignty for Hawaian people,” explained President Kanahele.

“You can now buy Hawaii Dollars and, thanks to our partnership with VISA, use HI for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted,” explained President Kanahele. The program is called “Get HI”, short for get Hawaii Dollars.

Anyone can “Get HI” with a credit card, Paypal or with USDC stablecoins. In return they receive a pre-loaded VISA debit card or Amazon card with Hawaii Dollars. Cards can be delivered electronically or via mail.

Backed by the assets and lands of the Nation of Hawaii, the Hawaii Dollar is the cornerstone of economic sovereignty for Hawaiian citizens. The HI value is pegged to the Swiss Franc so it remains stable. Currently HI 1.00 = CHF 1.00 or $1.03 USD. Technically speaking HI is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), one of the first in the world.

If you are interested in citizenship in the Nation of Hawaii, you can register here. Citizenship in the Nation of Hawaii is open to anyone of Hawaiian ancestry, residents of the State of Hawaii, skilled knowledge workers, and those who invest at least HI 1,000,000 in Hawaii bond purchases to help build the Nation of Hawaii.

Projects being funded by the Nation of Hawaii include the construction of affordable homes for displaced Hawaiian people, clean energy plants, electric transportation, sustainable agriculture, regenerative transportation solutions, last-mile manufacturing, biotech, and a digital-first economic system that provides a tax friendly jurisdiction for business and individuals, while creating training and employment opportunities for Hawaii citizens.

Hawaiian citizens do not pay income taxes and can receive benefits including housing, education, health care, job training, transportation, healthy nutrition, and family care programs.

In 2023, citizens and others who wish to open a traditional bank account and hold their funds in HI can do so through the Nation of Hawaii Central Bank.

The Nation of Hawaii is a different country than the United States. The Nation exists on sovereign lands within the State of Hawaii, similar to how the Vatican is surrounded by Italy.

The Nation of Hawaii has a separate government, financial system, tax code, land title system, social benefits, and citizenship program from the United States. Hawaii was formally recognized by the United States under Public Law 103–150 and is in the process of applying for full UN membership.

Over time more and more land from the State of Hawaii and private owners will be purchased and transferred back to the Nation of Hawaii. In effect the goal of economic sovereignty is to create a Hawaii Investment Fund with all Hawaiian Citizens being shareholders and the beneficiaries of the fund’s activities. The country’s economic model is largely based upon that used by Singapore and Norway.

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