WAIMANALO, November 4 – Effective immediately and for the first time in 25 years, the Nation of Hawai’i is accepting and encouraging digital applications for citizenship from Kanaka –whether residing in Hawai’i or abroad– and non-Kanaka. The innovative driving force behind this citizenship drive, which is an integral part of the first ever Nation of Hawai’i democratic elections in 2021, is the establishment of a trailblazing government blockchain.

A blockchain is a digital record of transactions in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in a single list, called a chain. On a blockchain-based government model, individuals, businesses, and governments share resources over a distributed ledger secured using cryptography. This decentralized infrastructure eliminates a single point of failure and inherently protects sensitive citizen and government data without falsification. Essentially, nobody can infiltrate or cheat the system, which is critical when it comes to government functions such as elections, protection of national identity, and much more.

The Nation of Hawai’i government on a blockchain provides invaluable identity management services that can eradicate current identity issues such as inaccessibility, data insecurity, and fraudulent identities. Approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide don’t have a way to claim ownership over their identity. This leaves one-seventh of the world’s population in a vulnerable state –unable to vote in elections, own property, open a bank account, or find employment. The inability to attain identification documentation jeopardizes a person’s access to the financial system and in turn, limits their freedom. The borderless Nation of Hawai’i blockchain identity enables citizens across the world to partake in government-related activities like getting verified by city officials, casting votes, and accessing government services through their digital wallets.

A blockchain digital wallet is a place where each citizen can safely store sensitive information and government documents, access government services, connect with fellow citizens, community members, and legislative candidates in their districts, as well as vote in regional and National elections, all from a phone or other digital device. Not only does it make participating in the democratic process much easier, but it also allows our citizens and Nation to lead and exercise a global conscious shift in National Identity.

Every aspect of the Nation of Hawai’i framework, which emphasizes Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural sovereignty, will be enhanced through the blockchain, from improved banking services and economic opportunities, access to medical data, building of resilient communities, health and wellness resources, food sovereignty management, and much more.

Stay tuned for more news leading up to the Nation of Hawai’i elections in 2021. Visit www.nationofhawaii.org for more information.

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